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The first digital coach for sustainable high performing professionals

I worked on the digitation of a proven coaching program at Tignum to create QOT, the first performance coach in your pocket to improve the Quality of Time for business professionals. Supported by one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, QOT takes data from a number of sources like a user's location, workload, number of meetings, sleep quality, and wearable data to provide timely strategies to exell at home and at work.

Tignum QOT

In 2018, I decided to join Tignum to work on a not yet released application called QOT. I worked along side developers, product managers, and various designers to add features that would help users improve their quality of time and get more out of work and family interactions.

As part of a product team, I spoke to users, syntehsized our findings and presented prototypes to improve usability. 

Unfortunately, due to NDA, I am unable to share details of my time with Tignum until the product is available to the public. If you have any questions about my experience, please send me a message!

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