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Bringing a bespoke buying experience to high-end fashion in Vietnam



Vazzar Presentation Transparent
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Vazzar is the personal shopper in your pocket. The app provides on demand expert advice, allowing people to buy high end fashion in Ho Chi Minh City. Users can purchase looks through the app and have them delivered by a personal shopper and stylist.

A bootstrapped founder approached me to deliver a prototype in one month. I worked as the sole designer alongside two engineers and the founder of Vazzar. My responsibilities included user research, UI, and prototyping.

The timeline was tight, and encouraged laser focus to complete interviews and design. I knew that the research would need to confirm Vazzar as a solution to mobile e-commerce in Vietnam so I set off to find out what problems potential users were having with current solutions.


Understanding the gaps between assumptions and reality is critical. To recognize the behaviors of Vazzar's users, I started by conducting surveys and interviews.

User Interviews Vazzar


I found out that ideal shoppers were professional women between 25 and 35. They browsed for clothing on Facebook and Instagram. The women I interviewed stated that they kept up with fashion trends by browsing their feeds and liked different looks. They would then message stores over the weekends before going to check out clothing.

We decided to focus the experience around a personalized feed. We believed the feed would allow users to easily buy and inquire about an fashion pieces.

User Flow

Exploring and Focusing User Needs

After establishing features, I created user stories and mapped out the user flow. Understanding expected actions helped build the architecture of the app.


I created various wireframes for the main features of the app to plan the feel of our interface. I shared our preliminary designs with owners to get feedback and included feedback and improved designs in the the prototype. The founder wanted to use InVision, along with my research, as a proof of concept.

Vazzar Wireframes


Main Feed

The main feed was designed to be recognizable to users who are used to browsing Instagram. This screen acts as a way for users to discover clothing and with a single click show that they are interested. From a user's input, a personal shopper would be able to get a better idea of a user's style and provide more relevant recommendations.

Vazzar Feed
Vazzar Messaging


When a user inquieres about a particular item, a message is sent to a personal shopper, who can advice the user on item availablity and answer any questions about the look. From the message screen, users can share their own photos to give the personal shopper a better idea of what styles the user likes. To make it as convenient as possible to make the purchase, a buy call to action was included inline.

When a user inquieres about a particular item, a message is sent to a personal shopper, who can advice the user on item availablity and answer any questions about the look. From the message screen, users can share their own photos to give the personal shopper a better idea of what styles the user likes. To make it as convenient as possible to make the purchase, a buy call to action was included inline.

Personal Shopper Profile

Potential users expressed that they would be more comfortable if they could assess a personal shoppers own taste. The concept for a personal shopper profile was born from this feedback. Users can find access a shopper's profile from the message screen and look into styles that they themselves like.

Vazzar Personal Shopper Profile
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